Katrin J.

Katrin J.

Stockholm40 y3 y experience100-130 SEK for an h

Katrin Jaska
Sandelsgatan 14
telefon: (+372)


My name is Katrin Jaska and I am 37 years old. I learn swedish and I can also speak swedish (not so well but I can manage). I have Sweden and Estonian personal code. I and my family moved to Sweden about 11 months ago and we live in Stockholm now. I have a child who is 3 years old.

I have three sisters and a brother and I have taken care of these children. I have taken care of my friends┬┤ children. I worked in one family in Estonia and I looked after their children (1,5. 3,5 5.5 years). I visited them about 3 times a month and I made it about 2 years. I have helped three families in Sweden. I take care of my child every day. She is very happy that I play and spend time with her.

I have worked in differents laboratories about 7,5 years ( in Estonia) and I have passed the training of Babysitter/Kindergarten Teacher Assistant according to ┬┤babysitter┬┤ curriculum. I did my kindergarten practice (80 academic hours) in the Kiisupere kindergarten (Gonsiori 5, Tallinn, Estonia) (14.02.2019-01.04.2019). I can say that it was very interesting and useful time for me. I passed the babysitter exam on 11.06.2019 in Tallinn in Estonia.

I think that I am a excellent nanny/service staff because I am calm, honest, positive, hard working and I like care of children. I think that children are honest, talkative, helpful, smart and they like to play differents games. I am quite sure that children are very grateful about that if somebody helps and takes care of them. It is no problem to me to cook, clean, wash the laundry or do something else because I do these things every day. I am quite sure that I can manage.

Best regards,
Katrin Jaska

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Time: agreed individually (can start immediately)

Pay: 100-130 SEK for an h

Au pair: negotiable

Experience: 3 y

Baby sitting
  • Can work in own home

  • Can work with the disabled

  • Can work with pets

  • Can go outside with children

  • Can do shopping

  • Can cook

  • Can do the cleaning

  • Have a driving license

  • Have a car

  • Don't smoke


I would work with

  1. Babies, 0-1 years old

  2. Toddlers, 2-3 years old

  3. Preschoolers, 4-6 years old

  4. Gradeschoolers, 7-11 years old

  5. Teens, 12-18 years old



Institution: Tartu Health Care College

Courses: nanny courses, first aid courses

Languages: English, Estonian, Swedish