Berlind B.

Berlind B.

Halmstad46 y10 y experience120-140 SEK for an h

I love cleaning and working with hotels, caretaking cleaning homes, baby sitting kids, nightly shifts caretaker, Teacher private lesson Spanish and English as it is my mother language and Spa services! Give massages, check their blood sugar, give adpyivs physical therapy and exercise to help motivate them and keep them healthy, help them shopping and all other physical needs bathing, cleaning and so forth! I have housekeeping experience as well.

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Time: agreed individually (can start immediately)

Pay: 120-140 SEK for an h

Experience: 10 y



  1. Apartment cleaning

  2. House cleaning

  3. Window cleaning

  4. Car cleaning

  5. Ironing

  6. Dishwashing


Cleaning equipment: I don't have my own



Institution: Physical education and sport school, Cuba

Specialty: Cartaker for elderly and nanny duties kids, Dishwashing experience, Cleaning as a hobby; housekeeping experience;Physical therapy, rehab, massage, caretaker first aid

Courses: first aid courses

Languages: English, Spanish, Swedish