Tindra S.

Tindra S.

Stockholm15 y6 y experience100-500 SEK for a d

Hello, my name is Tindra and I am 15 years old. I love animals and have a dog myself that I have had for 6 years. Everyone I know always says that I am like an adult for all the responsibilities I take on and that I love taking care of animals and people. I live in Haninge, Vega and would be very happy if I could help you take care of your animal. I can go out with it or take care of it all day. I homeschool so have plenty of time to care for your pet plus I would give your pet everything it needs to feel safe and loved. I love cuddling with animals and would do anything to make them feel good. Hope I'm someone who can help you :)

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Time: agreed individually (can start immediately)

Pay: 100-500 SEK for a d

Experience: 6 y

Pet sitting


  1. Dogs (1)

  2. Cats

  3. Birds

  4. Rodents

  5. Reptiles


Dog's size

  1. Small, up to 10 kg

  2. Medium, 10-20 kg

  3. Large, 20-40 kg

  4. Very large, above 40 kg



Institution: Hej jag heter Tindra och är 15 år gammal, jag har själv en hund och har haft honom sen 6 år tillbaka. Jag bor i Haninge och har hemskola så har mycket tid till att ta hand om ditt djur. Jag älskar djur så mycket och har alltid varit bästa kompis med djur.

Languages: English, Swedish